The Sherlock Phone software is a complete software solution designed for companies to help us understand, control and manage the data of phone calls from them.


Interfaces and Information Capture
Sherlock Phone captures the information in the following ways:
1. By the direct data collection from calls from a Panasonic® telephone exchange, through its own Drivers.
2. In the hands of users when it comes to data from the Contact List.

Categorization of Calls

1. In the Contact List from Sherlock Phone different categories can be defined for contacts.
2. The categorization of the calls between ‘Business’ or ‘Private’, individualized for each one of the contacts, allows to filtrate the information and separated to know the costs and times of the calls.

Rates, Calculation and Distribution of Costs

1. Sherlock Phone allows to organize rate books that defines the rates for each line and for each destination of calls.
2. Each rate can also be define in classes, like for example: Reduced, Normal and Peak Hour defining each one in the hours and days of the week needed.

Telephone Consumption

1. Sherlock Phone posses a quantity of reports that aim to simplify the calculation and comprehension of telephone consumption.
2. This information allows to know and separate the ‘Private’ use and the ‘Business’ use of the employees.
3. The possibilities of classifying the information by Area / Apartment or Costs Centers, shows average times for each intern and the costs individually and totally.


Sherlock Phone is organized on a potent data base, that allows to generate reports, queries and statistic graphics of great utility for the diverse activities of the company: call centers, telemarketing, etc.


Sherlock Phone is compound by these modules:

Constacts List
This module, allows to create and keep a unique Contacts List for the whole organization to be use by the rest of the system to relate the contacts to the dialed numbers and/or Caller Id.

Data Capture
This module captures directly the data of the calls from the Panasonic® telephone exchange, using different Drivers according to the model of the telephone exchange.

This module allows to make consultations, reports, graphics and statistics integrating all the data captured with the data from the contacts list. Sherlock Phone is developed to work on a network where multiple users can have access to the contacts list and/or consultations to the system.


The minimum requirements for the correct functioning of Sherlock Phone are a computer (PC), with a 166 MHz processor, 32 MB of RAM memory, a Hard Drive with 150 MB free space, a monitor and a 256 colors video card, a Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/Xp operating system.